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Welcome to the Wonder of Voice!

This is the blog of a singing teacher who wishes to share her long experience on singing and vocal pedagogy to all singers and colleagues. Here you will find interesting posts about singing and the voice.

First, let me introduce myself:  My name is Outi Kahkonen. I am a classical singer, soprano, lecturer in vocal pedagogy and voice teacher at the Sibelius Academy, Finland.  I have a keen interest in every aspect of the human voice, singing, vocal technique, vocal pedagogy and performance. In this blog I touch different subjects related to these interesting topics.

Really, my wish is to teach you to sing from your heart´s desire! How could that be possible through a site like this? You can´t learn to sing by books… But still, there is a lot you can learn – new ideas, hints, explanations, professional tips, performance issues etc.

I will also be adding videos where you can  do excercises along with me and develop the practicing singer´s ear.

Watch out for new posts regularly! Let´s Sing!


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